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Safety inspections, pink slips and E-safety checks

Safety certificates in NSW used to be called pink slips because that’s what colour paper they were printed on – since July 2008 drivers in New South Wales can now get E-safety checks - there is no paper colour anymore because the Authorised Inspection Station is able to submit the vehicles ‘roadworthiness’ certificate electronically straight to the transport authority, which means no more waiting in line with your pink slip at the RTA office to register your car.

How do I know if I need a Safety inspection?

You are notified if your vehicle needs a safety inspection on your registration renewal notice. A safety inspection is required in NSW if the vehicle is more than five years old or if it was previously registered in another state or territory. There are different types of inspections according to vehicle weights or if it is powered by LPG.


If a safety check is required and your vehicle runs on LPG, it must be inspected at an Authorised Safety Inspection Station (AIS) which has an authorised LPG examiner; many people still refer to this as an “LPG pink slip”

Lismore Automotive Service is an Authorised Inspection station - accredited to perform safety inspections on:

All Light Vehicles,
Unregistered Light Vehicle Inspections,
Safety Inspections,
LPG Inspections.

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